About Us

Founded in 1989, Paskramer magazine is the final word in style and innovation.

We have been leading the way, when it comes to elegance and design, for three decades and exert even more influence now, than we did when we began.

The brainchild of fine art graduate Judy Dickson, the magazine began as a guide to household soft furnishings and expanded outwards from there onwards.

We have won numerous awards over the years since we began and have grown gradually larger with each passing year.

Between our paper and online editions, we reach over three million viewers per year. And that total is still set to rise.

Our online issue and website also features a complete A to Z directory of services, from architecture to interior design.

If you are a professional wishing to be listed in our edition, please send your details to Lindsay Duncan, Listings Editor.

We also have a portal for professionals, to log in to. This is to allow them to answer any questions posed by readers.

By allowing professional designers such close contact with our readers, it helps build up a sense of trust between the two.

The professional is more likely to get a client referral as a result and the home owner will come away with the answers they were seeking.

In order to access this interactive area, you will need to get a code from our technical manager Ross Barton.

Paskramer aims to make living elegantly and in style, an achievable goal for everyone – regardless of who they are or where they live.

So, our editions feature pieces such as “Style On A Shoestring” as much as we cover bigger budget purchases.

Whether the reader only has one room to furnish, or a twelve bedroom mansion, we produce articles and ideas for all to find inspiration from.

We also regularly feature competitions, with prizes on offer for our readers drawn from interior design firms and architects.

This is always an enormous boost to the company providing the prize and the take up on entries always takes us by surprise.

For ideas, inspiration and some truly innovative thinking about design, Paskramer magazine is the industry leader today.