Making A Feature Of Your Living Rooms

Traditionally, the living room has been the one space in your house where it is ok to let rip with some slightly larger than life designs and ideas.

Even in an era of minimalism, you can still afford to push the boat out a little and make one or two grand statements.

But, the key to getting this right is moderation and choosing carefully which thing to capitalise upon.

A lot of this will depend upon your rooms natural qualities.


The fireplace makes a traditional focal point for your room. Whether you choose to make it into your living room’s main visual point, is up to you and what natural features it already has.

Some fireplaces already are eye pieces and all you have to do is stand back and admire them. Others need more work.

If you have a chimney breast or recess, but no grand fireplace, it can still be made into a focal point by some beautiful wallpaper.

Wallpaper is making a comeback this year and although we still advise its use sparingly, in small quantities, you can still make bold statements.


The window to any room should really be considered one of, if not the main focal point.

Particularly if your window is larger, architecturally interesting or looking out on a spectacular view, then we would focus our interest around it.

But even if it is none of those things, with the correct window treatment, it soon can be the star of the room.

Although minimal tastes tend to shun drapes these days, a window in the master room of the home can still be dressed elegantly, or even dramatically, if that is what you wish.

If it is your only focal point and not competing with other stimuli, heavy velvet drapes will wow and stun your guests.

However, if the lighting in your room is poor, we would advise the use of a lighter material and colour for any dressings, to allow the sun in.


Artwork could be all you need to create a spectacular focal point for your living room.

Just one large painting or wall hanging, or other object of interest, may be all you need to make your wall the room’s primary focus.